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Kia Shehzore Launch Price and Specs Pakistan

Dewan Farooque Motors has launched the light commercial vehicle Kia Shehzore in Karachi today. The vehicle was revealed during a ceremony in Karachi in the presence of the company’s top officials. It is pertinent to mention that the company announced the launch of Shehzore and a small electric vehicle (EV) in a few days. “We look forward to continuing to serve the people of Pakistan with high-quality products and after-sales services through our strong nationwide dealership network,” the company stated.

Kia Shehzore 

Company officials earlier told the media that they are going to launch three variants of Shehzore: Standard Cabin, King Cabin, and Grand Cabin (Double Cabin). Importantly, the double cabin is being introduced for the first time in Pakistan.

This Dewan Motors plant was shut down in 2015 when the company was assembling passenger cars under the name Hyundai Sonata and commercial vehicles under the name Shehzore. The company has been working to reopen the plant, and in 2022, Dewan Motors signed a Technical License Agreement (TLA) with Kia Corporation for the assembly and manufacturing of special-purpose commercial vehicles.

Specs and Features & Price

Here are the salient specs and features of the new commercial vehicle Kia Shehzore in the local market


The Shehzore is 5095mm long, 1740mm wide, and 1996mm high with a 2415mm wheelbase. Furthermore, the ground clearance is 200mm with a deck width of 1630mm. The length of the deck is different in three variants, i.e., 3165mm in Standard Kia Shehzore, 2925mm in King Kia Shehzore and 2215mm in Kia Shehzore Grand Cabin.

The Curb Weight of Kia Shehzore Standard is 1440 kilograms, 1480 kilograms of Kia Shehzore King, and 1620 kilograms of Kia Shehzore Grand Cabin. Lastly, the Payload of the Standard is 1730 kilograms, 1690 kilograms of King, and 1550 kilograms of Grand.

Engine & Performance 

The car has a Euro 2 Naturally Aspirated Engine with a 2,665cc displacement, producing 79 horsepower and 164 Nm of torque. The engine is mated to a 5-speed manual transmission.


The vehicle has a hydraulic service brake with a ventilated disc in front and a drum in the rear. The company is offering 195/R15C tyres in all three variants. Meanwhile, it has simple halogen headlamps and indicators, a black slim top grille, and a ventilated lower grille with no fog lamps.


The vehicle has Rock and Pinion Power Steering, AM/FM Radio, an AC, an ashtray, a cabin light, door armrests, door trim, floor covering, a heater, roof trim, fabric seat material, fabric steering material, a 3-spoke TPU sun-visor, a trip meter, and a built-in windscreen wiper.


The only safety features mentioned in the company brochure are the Door-Ajar Warning Light and seatbelts for the driver and passenger.

Launch Price of Kia Shehzore 2024 in Pakistan

Price of Kia Shehzore

  1. Kia Shehozre Single Cabin: Rs 3,859,000

  2. Kia Shehzore Double Cabin: Rs 4,179,000

  3. Ki Shehzore Grand Cabin: Rs 7,499,000

*Prices are subject to change. For detailed pricing and booking information call +92-306-0369369

Cargo | Passenger | Refregerated body cabin of Kia Shehzore

Just like Hyundai Porter Cabins, Foxtrot Pakistan is pleased to announce a wide range of truck bodies for the brand new Kia Shehzore 2024:

Truck body cabin fabrication rates for the Hyundai Shehzore 2024:

  1. Foxtrot FRP Cargo Cabin (Price range between 2 lac to 6 lac) Fiberglass or Metal

  2. Foxtrot FRP Passenger body cabin (Price range between 4 lac to 9 lac) Fiberglass or metal

  3. Foxtrot FRP Refrigeration Cabin/ Cool box (Price range between 9 lac to 20 lac) Fiberglass, Sandwich Panel or Metal

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