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Audi E-Tron Launched In Pakistan

First 50 units of the all electric vehicle sold before arrival! What's so cool about it? well, this is the 1st Electric Vehicle launched at this scale in Pakistan ;)

Audi Pakistan is has introduced the all-electric E-Tron 50 Quattro in Pakistan in March 2020.

Since the introduction of Pakistan's first-ever National Electric Vehicle Policy (NEVP), which is still not in effect, different companies in Pakistan are gearing up to launch their battery-driven vehicles.

However, it looks like Audi has stepped up for the challenge and started bookings of its electric SUV, and the units are expected to be delivered from April 2020 to its customers.

As per Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP), the SUV has an extraordinary range of 417 km on a single battery charge. However, it also has a regulated maximum speed of an astonishing 200 km/h that ensures a thrilling experience in its fully controlled drive.

The company claims that E-Tron accelerates from 0-100 km/h in just 5.7 seconds when driven in boost mode.  German Auto maker also introduced electro-hydraulically integrated brake control system, which helps the vehicle to recharge itself with the help of e-machines on more than 90% of its deceleration.






Audi e-Tron is aggressive and boldly styled as its other models of Audi lineup. The exterior of Audi e-Tron has sharp lines defining its futuristic designing and coupled with optional matrix LED headlamps at the front. The innovative lighting technology sets completely new standards for the SUV and enhances its authority on the road. It’s equipped with a control unit that intelligently switches the diodes on and off and controls the amount of light in accordance with the oncoming traffic. Similarly, it has an LED light strip and dynamic flashing light at the rear side of the vehicle that looks smart and elegant.


Audi e-Tron 50 Quattro is a combination of innovation in electric mobility and the luxury of an SUV. It has a spacious cabin coupled with a premium quality of interior built in the two-tone combination. The Audi virtual cockpit is placed in the middle of the dashboard area, which displays all the relevant information and real-time parameters through its intelligent technology. It has ample headroom and legroom inside the cabin along with a storage volume of 660 liters, which turns it into an adventurous and off-ride vehicle. The sharp and aggressive styling inside the cabin makes it look a stunning sight for the passengers. As expected from the German auto giant, the vehicle is powered with great comfort and convenience at the same time. There are several storage spaces inside the SUV that lets you feel at home while on the go. The all-electric SUV is also power-packed with the advanced comfort and safety features of the modern era.

Price (expected):

Audi Pakistan is expected to launch the all-electric SUV in the local market at PKR 14,900,000/- and the company is already taking the booking orders of Audi e-Tron 50 Quattro.

The new E-Tron is soon expected to be available on the FoxWheels™ Digital Dealership System by FOXTROT. Buyers will be able to design their E-Tron, play with it on their digital devices (need for speed much), order a test drive and order the new vehicle itself just by a few taps on the screen! Now THIS is what we have been waiting long for!

But wait a second! How could we forget the coolest feature of the all new Audi E-Tron? Someone did it FINALLY!!

Last but not the least, here is a complete 360 degree review of the beautiful E-Tron!

Thanks for reading! Subscribe to FOXTROT for all the cool automotive happenings around Pakistan!

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3 opmerkingen

Ali Gul Pir
Ali Gul Pir
09 mrt. 2020

#Audi #Quattro - Please make the correction. Where is it launched in Pakistan?


Ali Gul Pir
Ali Gul Pir
09 mrt. 2020

Wow we are a rich country aren't we :D

Aik mujhay bhi la do Audi Neutron Audi Walay Babuuu..


08 mrt. 2020

Some oven fresh pictures of the newly arrived E-Tron in Pakistan Pc: CarsOfPakistan

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