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Custom Vehicle Fabrication & fleet conversion

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Pick-up & Truck Body Fabrication

FOXTROT Fabrication is a leading manufacturer in designing, manufacturing, and distributing small to medium pick-up & truck bodies for the nation’s transportation industry. Our customer base includes commercial fleets, pick-up & truck dealers, public & private institutions, security forces, media houses, oil & gas companies, aviation, FMCG, education & more. 

Why buy a FOXTROT truck/ pick-up body?

Many companies talk about quality and customer support, but FOXTROT Fabrication delivers. We combine the expertise and innovation to build truck bodies that offer state-of-the-art technology and lasting quality. We’ve built our business and our reputation by offering our customers five key services:

  • Quick Response on Quotes – same day or always within 24 hours

  • Personal Sales Support – internal sales consultants track daily/hourly production to keep you informed.

  • Built to Order – we’re eager to accommodate your specific needs.

  • Short Lead Times – we’re small enough to be responsive and flexible

  • Premium Quality – we use the top materials, the best manufacturing practices, and highly trained skilled craftsmen.

FOXTROT is a proud distributor of CARRYBOY (Thailand) Tough-Fox (Turkey) and Sammitr (Australia)

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Fleet conversions

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Custom Mobile Service Van.png
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Contact us today to strategize how FOXTROT Automotive can assist in turning your work truck fleet into the most reliable and dependable asset in your operation. Our product specialists will help you outfit your trucks with exactly what you need to be successful and productive in the work field.




Prefab Construction & Custom Build Projects

Prefab Containers

FOXTROT Fabrication specializes in innovative prefabrication. We work closely with our customers to develop a building system that addresses very simple to highly complex requirements. We offer the following prefabrication services:

  • 20 ft & 40 ft customized containers – Durable like new shipping containers converted into mobile offices, site offices, mobile homes, schools, mini hospitals with several more applications

  • Portable Cabins – Modular homes/ offices/ site offices built to order by using  steel frame and light-weight wall panels system. 

  • Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings – If you want a building that offers cost saving, fast erection, perfect quality control, high durability, pre-engineered buildings (PEBs) are the best choice and can efficiently satisfy a wide range of structural and aesthetic design requirements

  • Custom Build Fabrication Projects – Should you require a custom built structure for your event, architectural requirements, or special project, we have the right team to help you build it.


Custom Build
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Truck Body Cargo

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Isuzu Truck Fabricator

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