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Carryboy single cabin canopy revo hilux

Hi-rise Canopy Single Cabin Canopy

CARRYBOY Canopy Double Cabin hirise 840

Hi-rise Canopy Double Cabin Canopy

CB 743 Soft lid revo .png

Soft Lid for Double Cabin

CARRYBOY Utlity Box Jumbo Grand Revo Dma

Grand Utility Box

Canopies - Hardtops

Carryboy canopy cabin Revo Pakistan
Carryboy cabin canopy revo pakistan

Why Choose Carryboy Fiberglass Canopies from FOXTROT Pakistan:

Superior Fiberglass Construction

Our canopies are constructed using high-quality fiberglass materials known for their durability, strength, and lightweight properties. This ensures that your canopy provides long-lasting protection while minimizing the added weight to your vehicle.

Customized Solutions

We understand that every customer has unique requirements. That is why we offer a range of customizable options, allowing you to select the canopy that best suits your needs.

Sleek Design and Aesthetics

Carryboy canopies are designed with style in mind. Their sleek and streamlined appearance not only enhances the overall look of your vehicle but also adds a touch of elegance and sophistication.

Weather Resistance

Carryboy canopies are built to withstand various weather conditions. They are resistant to UV rays, corrosion, and extreme temperatures, ensuring your cargo remains safe and protected, regardless of the environment.

Aerodynamic Styling

Carryboy canopies are functional and visually appealing, with sleek lines that complement the overall aesthetics of your vehicle.

Carryboy Accessories

Carryboy Accessories are additional items that you can add to make it even more useful and adaptable to your needs. These accessories are designed to improve the functionality and versatility of your canopy, giving you more options for how you use it. We offer a range of carryboy accessories to further enhance the functionality and versatility of your Carryboy canopy. From Utility Box and Back cover to double cabin canopy.

Utility Box

This is an extra storage compartment that you can attach. It provides additional space to store tools, equipment, or any items you want to keep separate from the main cargo area.

Back Cover

The back cover is a protective layer that can be added to the rear of the canopy. It helps shield the contents of the canopy from the elements and provides security for your belongings

Carryboy Canopies for Double Cabin Vehicles

We specialize in Carryboy canopies tailored specifically for double cabin vehicles, such as the popular Revo model. Our range of canopies is designed to seamlessly integrate with your vehicle, enhancing its versatility and providing additional storage space without compromising style.

FOXTROT: Your Trusted Carryboy Canopy Provider in Pakistan

With years of experience in the industry, FOXTROT Pakistan has established a reputation for delivering top-notch products and exceptional customer service. We provide the highest quality canopies for the Toyota Revo, Toyota Rocco and Toyota GRS (GR sport) designed to protect your vehicle from the elements while looking great. We offer 100% original CARRYBOY products.

Our dedicated team of professionals is committed to understanding your requirements and assisting you in selecting the ideal Carryboy canopy for your double cabin vehicle. We take pride in offering competitive prices, reliable installation, and comprehensive after-sales support to ensure your complete satisfaction. Do not compromise on quality or settle for anything less than the best.



We It has come to our knowledge that a company in Peshawar (MARKS) is making similar copies of the CARRYBOY products and using the CARRYBOY brand name in their website to misguide customers and using CARRYBOY name to create low quality cheap canopies and lids. We warn users to beware and only order original CARRYBOY products for their precious vehicles from Foxtrot Pakistan. Foxtrot has been sole national distributor of CARRYBOY products in Pakistan and has exclusive distribution rights. For more detailed information, you may contact +92-306-0369369 or email for verification. 

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