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Carryboy canopy cabin Revo Pakistan
Carryboy cabin canopy revo pakistan
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Carryboy Canopies is an Australian based company, established in 1995 Carryboy over the years has been making premium quality smooth finish UTE canopies. As well as manufacturing high quality canopies, Carryboy also have a complete range of 4WD and 2WD accessories.


Our Carryboy product range is of the highest quality, including;

1. Canopies

2. Roof Racks

3. Slide-out floors

4. Work style bodies

5. Ute liners

6. Hard lids


Carryboy canopies are great products! Enjoy your time out, do yourself a favour and insist on the best, think Carryboy!

Disc Brakes Australia (DBA)

Disc Brakes Australia is an Australian owned manufacturer, designer and global marketer of after-market and OE disc brake rotors, drums, rings, hats, nuts and brake pads.

In order to meet the needs of our customers, we have prepared for you convenient kits containing brake discs and brake pads. Each set is of the highest quality and saves you up to 25% of the value of individual components! DBA is one of the most trusted brands, so no matter which kit you chose, you can be sure that your brakes will handle the toughest challenges.


TJM have been designing and manufacturing the toughest and highest quality 4WD equipment in Australia for over 40 years. Founded by three off-road thrill-seeking mates in 1973, Lloyd Taylor, Cliff Jones and Steve Mollenhauer, TJM are the original Aussie off-road adventurers. Whether you’re an off-road enthusiast, a weekend warrior or a city slicker, TJM have all the gear you need to get 4x4 Equipped.

Get 4x4 Equipped with quality gear from TJM’s huge product range including Bull Bars, Snorkels, Suspension, Winches, Side and Rear Bars, Side Steps, Pro Lockers, Recovery Equipment, Driving Lights and heaps more. TJM stores also stock a huge range of gear from Australia’s leading brands and suppliers so your local TJM is your one-stop-shop to get off-road ready.


The Unichip is a sophisticated supplemental computer integrated into your vehicle's engine management system putting the power of electronic engine control into the tuner's hands. It's not just data squirted into your car, it's a fully functional computer working seamlessly with your car's engine management system.

Why use Unichip?

 Power – The control you need to make 100% of the power available from the engine.

 Flexibility – Unlike other products, the Unichip is a universal tuning solution with which a tuner can control timing, fueling, and (if applicable) boost on virtually any vehicle with an ECU upon which to piggyback.  Chevy, Mercedes, Toyota, Dodge, etc… diesel, rotary, Otto-cycle it doesn’t matter. You use the same tuning software and the same hardware to interface and control all

of them.

 Control – Add nitrous, water injection, additional fuel injectors to any application and control them through the Unichip for seamless engine operation with minimal driver tasks.  Auto switch calibrations when needed.

 Adaptability – Integrate turbocharger/supercharger systems seamlessly by using the Unichip to provide real time timing and fueling changes based on air flow, throttle position, or a combination of both.

 Simplicity – Not just engine power but power over the engine for the tuner.

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