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avatar-inspired mercedes-benz VISION AVTR concept car lands at CES 2020

Inspired by the film series avatar and its world of pandora, the mercedes-benz VISION AVTR reveals at CES 2020 as a concept for mobility in the distant future. translating to ‘advanced vehicle transformation’, the VISION AVTR showcases a new interaction between human, machine and nature, and does so by fusing its exterior, interior and user experience. the result distinguishes a distinctive inside-out design that also references several creatures from the original movie.

the main thing in my life right now is sustainability. I look at this vehicle and I see the future. it is not just the automotive future with all the wonderful things it could inspire in real production cars, but also an aspirational future for humans. for a major manufacturing company like mercedes-benz to make this commitment is awesome and I think it should be celebrated. when I look at this beautiful car, I see the physical manifestation of the velocity of an emotional, spiritual idea. they manifest and inspire,explains james cameron, director, screenwriter and producer of avatar at the CES 2020 launch.

the mercedes-benz VISION AVTR cruising down the las vegas strip all images courtesy of daimler

adorning a silver coating, the mercedes-benz VISION AVTR’s body greatly resembles the VISION EQS with its organic, stretched one-bow design. its unique, spherical-shaped wheels – inspired by the seeds of the tree of souls from avatar – embodies the intelligence of nature as treads and blue-illuminated rim arms merge together. the form aids manoeuvrability as, with both front and rear axles, the car can move sideways by 30 degrees. from the grille to the rear, human and information energy is visualized as neurons that flow across the interior and exterior. these unite at the back where 33 bionic flaps – reminiscent of reptile scales – communicate with the driver, the outside world and vice-versa through subtle gestures.