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Height 6.3 ft, Width 5ft Length 9ft.


1. Superstructure: FOXTROT®️ Fiberglass structure (2 Layers) with integrated antirollover MS pipe cage (Non insulated) 


2. Windows: 6 slide-open windows (3 each side) for ventilation in the rear cabin.


3. Seats: 4 foldable ends to end bench type seats (2 each side) which can

accommodate passengers and can fold up in case of cargo transport.

Comfortable cushioning.


4. Floor: Wooden ply base cladding to give an even surface on vehicle deck

covered by grey non-slip vinyl flooring sheet.


5. Rear Door: Single rear door (lockable) with fixed rear view window. Door access

handle (MS pipe) for ease of access.


6. Rear Step: Access step on rear side for comfortable accessibility into the cabin.


7. Fans: Two small cabin fans 12V with wiring 2 5,000


8. Dome light: 12V LED Dome light

Hyundai Porter Passenger Conversion

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